Cast of Characters

With this new blog, I felt a good place to start would be with a quick introduction of the characters that I call my family and the home we all share:

This is my husband, Butch (aka Butchy), working on our new chicken coop. This is the angle from which he will usually be seen since he’s camera-shy and I’m constantly sneaking up on him paparazzi-style. This is a man who doesn’t even have a Facebook account, so you can imagine how thrilled he is that I blog about his life online!

This is the chicken coop, finished. We’ll be adding chickens this coming spring. The birches I painted on the side represent the name of our house…

The Five Birch Perch (aka, The Perch)! It’s quite nice inside, but I need to take some up-to-date photos before I post. Home renovation truly is a work in progress.

I’m what you’d call a lazy gardener. If a weed is pretty, I tend to leave it. I’ve been lucky enough to have friends with perennials, so my beds are looking better each year.

Yeah…weeding is a low priority.

Our veggie garden (aka, Fort Knox, because of the 10 ft high deer fencing), on the other hand, is Butch’s pride and joy!

Butch is the cook in the family, so he’s in charge of the food. What can I say – I’m a kept woman. Now onto the rest of the family:

This is Smash-cat, aka Fatty and Little Baby. Anyone who’s owned a tortie knows this is an accurate photo since all they do is “talk” all day. I’ve owned this little lady for about 8 years.

This is Grim-cat, also known as Jerky and Big Baby. My neighbor refers to him as “the wild panther” since he’s constantly outside being a wild thing. I’ve owned him for about 6 years.

This is why he’s the Big Baby – he loves to cuddle…and weighs about 20 lbs.

This is Fred-dog (aka Freddy, Wrinkle-Face and, simply, The Hound). He’s a handsome hound mix who is deceivingly calm in this photo – He’s usually bouncing off the walls on his long, spindly hound legs, raising hell. We’ve had Fred for about 2 years, since we bought our house.

And this is me, or how you’ll usually see me since I’m the one behind the camera. So that’s the family, for now. We’re hoping to add a little greenish offspring of our own next year. That’s actually what prompted the transition from my original, alt-career blog to this one. I really wanted to focus on my personal, greenish life, and where it goes from here – I hope you’ll join me on this wonderful journey!

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