Get Out(side): Want Active Kids? Be Active

I recently began scheduling the Thousand Islands Land Trust’s 2013 TILTreks & Talks and KidsTreks, and as usual, planning the KidsTreks is turning into my favorite part. Last summer’s KidsTreks were such a success that I was emboldened to expand on them by adding a new level of membership culminating in a weekend-long “TILTKids Camp” that will include all sorts of extra perks and goodies…more info coming soon!

The simple formula of TILT’s KidsTreks is that the parents/grandparents are encouraged to experience the treks with the children. This of course helps me not having to worry about a toddler tumbling off a foot-bridge while I’m handing out goldfish crackers, but more importantly, it creates a connection between the parents and their children, in a natural, unstructured environment. Kids learn by example, so if you’re having a blast exploring animal clues along a nature trail, chances are they will too. The same applies in your everyday life – if kids see their mom placing a high priority on being active, and having fun while doing it, they’ll be more likely to unglue themselves from the computer chair and come along. Monkey see monkey do!

Photo from the 2012 KidsTrek “Mystery on the Trial: Tracking Animal Clues” from the TILT Flickr page

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