It’s Like the Grapes of Wrath In There

Tuesdays are the one night a week that I purposefully plop down in front of the TV to watch sitcoms. This is mostly due to the incredible hilarity of Ben & Kate (seriously, if you haven’t watched – do), but I also like the Mindy Project and New Girl has started to grow on me. Last week’s show was all about getting pregnant and how, supposedly, by age 30 (which happens to be my age), over 1/2 your eggs are bad. This freaks Jess out and she starts comparing her uterus to the Grapes of Wrath and mournfully wonders who will want to “lay a flag down on this sweet, sweet continent.”

Hilar! While I’m not overly concerned about our pending plans to reproduce, my biological clock has definitely been in the back of my mind lately since I did spend my most fertile years focusing on my career and social life in NYC. But what will be will be as we start what Butch has been referring to as “giving it the old college try!”

And sidenote: Congratulations to my friend M who just recently shared that her and her husband are expecting! Between her and my other 2 friends due in the next couple of months, there will be plenty of North Country play dates…


2 responses to “It’s Like the Grapes of Wrath In There

  1. Thanks for the congrats!

    I hear ya about the biological clock. It’s a huge reason we decided to start trying. I was literally on “baby crack” mode. We reached that point in our lives when we were no longer worrying about babies interrupting our grand plans, but considering the fun of including them! I wish you both luck in your college try. 🙂

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