Communal Spirit: North Country Captures $90.2 Million Development Prize


Holla! On Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo’s office announced how much each region of NY State would be awarded for continued economic development, and the North Country secured one of the highest amounts – $90.2 million! I’m excited for our region in general, but most of all for us here at TILT, because included in that award is over $110,000.00 for the design & development of a hiking trail on one of our preserves just outside the Village of Alexandria Bay: The Otter Creek Nature Trail. This trail will be a major attraction during the high-traffic summer tourism season, which will benefit the local economy, but it will also give year-rounders another opportunity to get out into nature!

A link to the full article can be found here at NCPR. This news came on the heels of TILT also hearing that we were awarded $10,000 from the NNY Community Foundation to go towards our Summer Land Steward program….which happens to be a grant that I wrote! With other grants I’ve written currently being reviewed, let’s hope there’s more where that came from.

Photo from NCPR

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