Green(ish) Life: Wellness on the River

We’ve been a couple of sickos here at the Perch the last few days – what started as a throat tickle the day I returned to work turned into extreme sinus/ear pressure and then onto a severely runny nose which I’m currently dripping all over the keyboard as I type this. Yay!

Despite being sick, I decided to use the gift certificate for a massage at River Wellness Center, especially since I’d already postponed my first appointment because of the huge snowstorm after Christmas



I’m glad I did! Massage therapist/doula/Reiki master/all-around-awesome-lady Lori Arnot gave me the most wonderful massage with some pressure point therapy aimed specifically at stimulating lymph flow (hence, the runny nose). Who would have thought a massage would be so curative? I also enjoyed chattering away with Lori about all things prenatal and pregnancy-related. She has two teenage girls and a little one, and discussing her different birthing experiences was enlightening. She also had good things to say about Samaritan Hospital in Watertown and suggested an alternative midwife to me if I don’t click with the one I’m meeting with this week.

All in all, an extremely restorative experience! I highly recommend River Wellness Center to anyone interested in adding massage therapy to their healthcare regimen.

2 responses to “Green(ish) Life: Wellness on the River

  1. I can’t wait to chat with you about her thoughts on prenatal and in-labor care. I understand they offer doula services and I’m looking around at what’s available in the area.

  2. We only chatted about it for a little bit, but it sounds like you two are prob on the same page. I’m sure Lori would love to talk to you – contact her through the River Wellness website or find her as my facebook friend.

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