Snow and Crafts



The North Country got hit with a massive snowstorm the day after Christmas. Luckily, we were watching the weather and already planning on driving home from Jersey that day, so we managed to outrun it. The storm dumped more snow than I was expecting, but since I didn’t have to go into work, I let Butch take the Subaru and I settled in for the rest of my “staycation” – full of snow and crafts.



I had bought some heavyweight fabric from Joann’s over Thanksgiving for pillow and cushion re-covering. Well, I sewed up my 5 couch pillows (2 with the diamond pattern and 3 with the lighter blue) – now I just need to reupholster the blue chair in the future nursery!


The hound kept me company by the wood stove while I listened to vinyl and crocheted.


I finally finished* my first afghan! It’s the “Urchins and Limpets” crochet pattern from Knitting Daily. Unfortunately, the Michael’s near me didn’t have the exact yarn used in the original, so I went with a woodsier color palette.  Maybe it’s the way I crochet, but I ended up having to add a whole extra column and row to each end, or the finished size would have been more “baby blanket” than “throw.” *I say finished, but I actually still have to weave in all the ends – ugh.


My next project is from ^ this ^ vintage craft book: Decorating with Crochet, by Anne Halliday. This book is a riot of deliciously dated crocheted goodness. Behold:


This is the “fluffy” side of the mini owl pillow that I’m currently working on. I mean, WHO (ha!) could blame me?

2 responses to “Snow and Crafts

  1. Love your use of color! And your afghan is a wonderful pattern. These are great ways to keep busy, enjoying your time at home.

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