Eating Seasonally: It’s a Drag, but Delicious!

All it takes is some wintertime munching on store-bought salad to realize that if it ain’t in season, it’s unsatisfactory. Lettuce can be tasteless, tomatoes expensive. And seriously, why pay more money for lower quality? Once you’ve tasted REAL produce, either from your own backyard or from your friendly neighborhood farmer, you’ll gladly wait until the next peak season for that sweet sweet homegrown deliciousness. Below are some handy (but general) charts for eating and shopping seasonally:

142637513169163038_4iPb5ZA2_cfrom Pinterest

Seasonal-Shoppingfrom The Food Lovers Kitchen

Unless you live in a food desert, it’s not too hard to find local produce. We grow our own for the most part, but what we don’t/can’t grow, we can either get from the Clayton Food Co-op or Cross Island Farms (both of which offer CSA shares), The Mustard Seed or even the organic section of the local PriceChopper (not the ideal situation, but we’re picky and choosy and only buy what we can’t grow or get around here – IN season, of course!). Real Simple has an online seasonal fruit and vegetable tool, with tips on how to buy, store and cook each item.

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