Green(ish) Baby: Nursery Inspiration pt 2 – Pinterest

I may never have caught on to Twitter, and I refuse to jump yet again in the social network world (Friendster->Myspace->Facebook) to Google+. But I am ALL over Pinterest (and Instagram) – mostly because they’re both so deliciously visual (and a lot more interesting than someone sharing 40 characters-worth of a private joke)! Below are just a few select picks from the kiddin’ board at my A Gree(nish) Life’s Pinterest….

The original source, if available, is listed at Pinterest.


4 responses to “Green(ish) Baby: Nursery Inspiration pt 2 – Pinterest

    • Yeah I think there will definitely be a birch tree mural of some kind on the wall! And I just loved that reading nook – I still have my bookcase (and some books!) from when I was a kid….reading made a permanent impression on me!

      • Me too! I already have a little pile of books I’ve collected. I have my childhood books too but there are Just. Too. Many. We need a new house for all my books…

        I’m not sure what I’ll do for my nursery. I was all about the Lion King motif at first, and I love the blanket my sister got the baby… But now that I’m settling into actually being pregnant and the spiritual transformation it means, I’m thinking something forest-inspired too. I can’t paint on the walls, really, but greens and browns with maybe a stick mobile… And some sort of wall decor.

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