Get Out(side): Eagle Watching

Was outside in T.I. Park this past weekend for TILT’s first trek of the year: Eagle Watch! It was chilly, but the recent snow storm had created a beautiful backdrop for the sunrise I saw at home, and the scenic images I took during the day.

And boy, were the eagles out and about, putting on a good show for us! The ice on the River was frozen and the storm and recent drop in temperature was ideal for the birds, both mature and immature, to be out perching, flying and feeding. To see images with actual eagles in them, visit TILT’s Flickr page, where some of our trek participants have already started adding their incredible shots (And look closely at the middle tree in the photo I took with the lighthouse and cottage on the island…..)!

5 responses to “Get Out(side): Eagle Watching

  1. Incredible pictures. You’re becoming quite the photographer! I can’t believe how much snow you have. Dad says they’re getting ready for a foot this weekend. Me? I spent a couple hours by the pool today……..

    • Yeah a BIG storm is coming, although I think Dad will be getting worse than we will up here (I’ll call and check on him). I am actually going to take tomorrow off specifically so I don’t have to drive in it! The beauty of the “off-season.”

    • Haha – I was doing the same, unfortunately. The road I take to Clayton is untouched by plows if there’s no school, so my little Subaru was pretty much the plow! Not sure if you’re getting the storm coming tonight, but if so – be safe!

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