Crafty Lady: Birthday Shrines – A Retrospective

I’ve been meaning to take quality photos of all the shrines I’ve created – well, the ones that haven’t been made for friends or thrown out/dismantled (altho’ I might have photos of those somewhere…). Since it’s my birthday time, I felt a good place to start would be with photos of my birthday shrines! I started creating a shrine around my birthday starting when I turned 25 – it’s been a good way to document where I was and how I was feeling at that point in time:

I can’t remember when exactly I started creating these shrines, but it’s safe to say that it was sometime around when I turned 25. My biggest influence has always been religious shrines (like in churches), Mexican nicho and the work of Kathy CanoMurillo (the Crafty Chica). When I build my shrines I usually start with a tin or container of some kind, but as you can see, they are not always contained in a box. Another major source of inspiration is wanting to document a trip or a special event (like my wedding), but sometimes I’m just inspired by some fancy paper or a pine cone I found on the ground. I should really clear out some of the ones I have in the house (note the shelves and shelves full…and that’s not even all of them) before I make any more…..shrine-building is not the most space-saving crafty habit!

8 responses to “Crafty Lady: Birthday Shrines – A Retrospective

    • Thanks! I’m actually scheduled to teach a class on shrine-making at the local arts center in August – it will be an interesting experiment to see if others are interested…

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