Gre(v)en(ts): 2013 No Farms No Food Rally


My 9-5, TILT, actually conserves an old beef and dairy farm (Zenda Farm Preserve) among our 8,000 acres of property. Not sure if work is sending me to the No Farms No Rood Rally yet, but I highly recommend anyone to check it out, regardless of your day-job – it affects us all:

New York is a farm state. It is also home to a population of nearly 19 million people who rely on its bounty for food. But New York State has been rapidly losing its farms to development. Almost 450,000 acres of farmland have been developed in New York since the 1980s – an area equal to approximately 4,500 farms in New York.

Together, we can ensure a future with a strong farm and food economy, productive farmland, and abundant local food. Please join American Farmland Trust for the fourth annual No Farms No Food® Rally at the State Capitol in Albany on March 13.

At the No Farms No Food® Rally, farmers, local foods advocates, land trust staff, community leaders and others who care about local farms and food come together from across New York to meet with State Legislators and urge them to support funding and legislation that strengthens farm and food economies, protects farmland and the environment, and increases access to locally grown food for all New Yorkers.

At the No Farms No Food® Rally, participants will also:

  • Share their stories and thoughts with others who support our cause
  • Participate in small group meetings with state legislators
  • Bring a brown bag lunch made with food grown in New York State
  • Hear from state leaders about urgent issues in New York

No Farms No Food® Rally

10:00 to 4:00
3rd Floor Terrace
Legislative Office Building
198 State Street, Albany, NY

Online Registration Now Open

Bus transportation from New York City is available.
March 13, 2012

More information, including a summary of policy priorities and my recent state budget testimony, are also available at Or call the New York State office at (518) 581-0078 or email us at

Photo and copy via the American Farmland Trust

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