Spotlight On: El Anatsui

El Anatsui (born 1944) is a Ghanaian sculptor active for much of his career in Nigeria. I was alerted to Anatsui by my mom, who had the chance to see a traveling collection of his work at the Denver Art Museum late last year. She described the artist and the exhibit:

“He’s a well-known African artist who uses recycled elements for his artwork. They had a few of his incredible wall hangings made from metal labels of liquor bottles. Check them out! They also had an incredible textile exhibit called “Sleight of Hand”. Can’t really describe it, but there were pieces that used traditional techniques, like embroidery, in ways you’d never dream of.”




01-El Anatsui, Sacred Moon 300wide



Beautiful, and sustainable!

Top three photos from Jack Shainman Gallery
Fourth photo from the Denver Art Museum
Bottom photo from Indy Week

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