Green(ish) Baby: Nursery Inspiration pt 3 – Ikea

I love Ikea. I am well aware that the snooty commenters over at my beloved Apartment Therapy gleefully trash-talk anyone who dares to use Ikea in their own homes, but I care not. It’s simply made, inexpensive and perfectly-designed…not to mention matches the natural wood and white-walls look of our house. The closest Ikea to us is in Ottawa, which we’re planning a trip to anyway for their Tulip Fest, so I’ve started to create a wish shopping list in preparation…


First and foremost, the EXPEDIT Shelving, in white. I’ve wanted one since forever and it will fit perfectly upstairs in place of the rickety shelving that currently holds my art books and craft supplies. Remember, this room will first be doubling as the crafty room/nursery, and later on as the crafty room/play room (once the kid transitions downstairs to the second bedroom). I’m envisioning craft/baby supplies in the top row, art books in the next down, children’s books in the 3rd down and bins of toys/baby clothes on the bottom.


Apparently, Ikea recommends particular bins to go with the EXPEDIT, but why pay $15 when there’s a funky kid-friendly version for only $7: The KUSINER Box.

And then, as I was browsing through the children’s section of the website, I came across the VANDRING series:


vandring-ruta-duvet-blanket__0132069_PE286786_S4VANDRING RUTA Duvet/blanket



Sweet mother of gawd…it’s like Ikea designers were (insert stage-whisper) in…my…head! I know Ikea also makes great curtains and pillows and reasonably priced cribs and changing tables, but we’ve already got plans to DIY those items – stay tuned for more on that!

2 responses to “Green(ish) Baby: Nursery Inspiration pt 3 – Ikea

  1. Expedit rocks. We have like 20 of them in my house (okay 5, but I could easily have 20) and agree with you that the bins they recommend are really overpriced. Enjoy decorating the nursery. I loved doing my kids’. It was my only crafty creative pursuit in those years of being pregnant … and I got a lot of pleasure from it

    • I am SO excited for nursery decoration! I created most of the crafty items for my wedding, so the chance for a new DIY theme is most welcome. And I am literally shivering in anticipation for our Ikea trip…

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