Get Out(side): Signs of (Early) Spring

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous here in the North Country! So Butch, Fred-dog and I headed outside to fill the bird feeders, clean out the bird houses (complete with discovery of dead baby bird) and take a nice walk down the street to see what signs of (early) Spring we could see:

Of course, at this point, March has flip-flopped back to brrrrr…but for a few short hours, I got my taste of Spring. It’s definitely going to be a little chilly out for TILT’s “Healthy People, Healthy Planet” fundraiser walk tomorrow, but we already have over 30 people signed up with many more planning to register day-of. Should be a lot of fun! Oh, and I did that (EARLY morning) interview about the walk on Channel 7 – check it out here!

2 responses to “Get Out(side): Signs of (Early) Spring

  1. That was a great interview (AFTER the advertisement!) You are so poised! And your photos are so crisp…….I love the moss picture! It’s definitely becoming mud season around here…………(the fifth season in Maine!)

    • Thanks! I think it went well considering how early I had to get up! And the fundraiser walk was a huge success, especially for a first-time event on a chilly day. About 40 people came, some checking out a TILT event for the first time.

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