Inspiration Station: Ten Reasons to Grow a Garden by Re-Grow Roots

New blogosphere friend, and fellow green(ish) preggers, Re-Grow Roots recently posted the absolute perfectly concise answer to the question “why garden?”


Ten Reasons to Grow a Garden

Save money on food

You can certainly spend a whole lot of money on your garden, but I tend to find almost everything I need for free or very inexpensively. Here at our apartment garden we practice no-till gardening so we use lots of nice amendments to build up our soil. Manure, straw, and compost cost next to nothing. All of our plants are started from seed sourced from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. A packet of seeds goes a long way and most will last for a few years! I also love to have local seed exchanges to get new, different seeds and make new friends.

Connect with your food

The only true way to understand and deeply connect with your food is to grow it yourself! You will gain a deep awareness of the soil, the water, the plants, bugs, animals and all the other life that is flourishing in your garden.

REAL organic food

Many of the codes and regulations of organic food in the United States are totally hypocritical of what we think to be organic… With all their rules and wordy documents, how do we really know what is truly pure? The only way to know your food meets your standards is to grow it yourself, or go to the farm that you are buying your food from!

Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Gardening will take you outside in the warm sunshine! Absorb the rays of the beautiful, life-giving sun and let it fill you up with luscious vitamins! The sun can also ease your stress and lighten up your spirit.

Calm your Mind, Body, and Soul

Our lives can be very hectic these days. Computers, checkout lines, driving cars, and meetings can make my head spin 20 ways at once! When I go outside in the garden, it takes me back to simplicity where life moves slowly and naturally. It brings peace to the mind, body, and soul like a deep meditation.

Garden Parties

Have a garden work-day and invite some friends over to share the work and play of gardening! It is so much fun to share the work load with friends and time will fly by! Brew some sun tea for everyone with some of the herbs from your garden and have fun!

Feed the Neighbors

There is no gift I love more than homegrown food, and my neighbors feel the same way! When I knock on my next door neighbor’s door with a big patty-pan squash and a bag of tomatoes, her face lights up and it totally makes her day! Sharing fresh, homegrown food is absolutely rewarding. You can include a little recipe card with your harvested bounty for bonus points!

Local and Sustainable

Eating local food is one of the most sustainable practices each of us can commit to. When we eat local, we eliminate LOTS of harmful fossil fuel emissions from gunking up our atmosphere. Eating food from your own yard is as local as you can get!

Dirt Makes You Happy

Scientists have actually found a strain of bacteria in the soil called Mycobacterium vaccae that triggers the release of seratonin in the brain! So there is literally a little element of the soil that elevates your mood and decreases anxiety! Very cool.

Be the Change

Talking, planning, and protesting may help spread the message, but to truly transform this world we are living in, we just have to DO IT. Take the leap and make a difference in your world by growing your own food.

I especially love that last part – Be the Change – we are all in this together. Definitely getting excited for the growing season – Butch and I will be starting our seeds (AND welcoming our chicks) very soon!

Photo taken of squash in our garden (aka Fort Knox) last season

12 responses to “Inspiration Station: Ten Reasons to Grow a Garden by Re-Grow Roots

    • Of course! It really was the perfect list! And you should also follow The Ditzy Druid (commented here also) – she’s also a green(ish) preggers right now…due in July!

      • Exciting!!! I’ll definitely check out her blog, thanks for the recommendation 🙂 How have you been feeling lately? My nausea has gotten a lot milder already, but the food aversions still limit my normal healthy food choices. Just goin with the flow..

        • Sorry for the late reply – I was outta town! The nausea is down, but the dizzyness is up…who knows! And food aversions seem to be slightly going away (or maybe I’ve just managed to surround myself with only stuff I can handle…).

  1. Love this! I’ll be posting it on my blog next! Gardening is a central part to my spirituality – and this concise list really narrows it down to the core. I’m looking forward to starting my seeds soon as well!

    • Thanks so much for all the love! The reasons just flowed out of my heart and brain & I’m really pleased with how the list turned out! The sun is out and it’s a warm day so I’ll be outside planting in a few moments. 🙂

      • And I meant to ask you – are you planning on gardening with gloves all the time now that you’re pregnant? I usually do anyway, but if I’m wandering around the yard and see something that needs fussing with I dive in…but I see that we’re supposed to be wary of dirt/soil because of possible animal poo….

        • I feel very comfortable and have no fears of putting my hands in the dirt, feet in the dirt, and eating a little dirt. 🙂 It’s done me well in the past, never made me sick, and my immune system is awesome! I very rarely wear gloves to do anything (even shovel manure) and I won’t be starting now. 🙂 Glad your nausea is down! I got the dizzy spells this morning and had to lay down. Before that my head was pounding, so I took an epsom salt bath (for the magnesium) and when I got out I was dizzy. But then I felt great and all the pounding went away.

  2. What a great post. My number one reason for growing my own food is that it makes me happy. It makes me slow down and appreciate how the world works. I guess that is a form of meditation! Thanks for featuring in your related articles. We are new at blogging but feel we have a lot to share.

    • Happiness is the most important aspect of life, I truly believe. 🙂 Gardening is such a happy experience for me and I’m so glad that you share that love. Wish you all the best in your garden this year!

  3. Hey Corrine,
    Great post (I know it was a month ago…), and if you’re interested in follow-up reading about dirt and its interesting place in society in the last several hundred years check out this article from The Economist. It’s several years old but it has been coming up in my memory recently so I decided to go back and find it: There’s even something in the article about how bacteria in the dirt can help our skin to heal from cuts by stopping inflammation! Anyways, lots of good reasons to get out in the dirt!

    • Thank for sharing the link, gardenjon! It was a really interesting article all-around (NOW I know why daytime dramas are called soap operas)…Just the SMELL of dirt makes me happy (and makes me think of Spring), so I totally agree with the theories that suggest playing in the dirt gets us happy. And this article furthered my theory that a little exposure to dirt and germs is GOOD for kids (and adults)! 🙂

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