Family Trip to the Bahamas – The Miscellaneous

A couple of weekends ago, Butch and I were out-of-town on a family cruise to the Bahamas. While a cruise would not usually be my first choice for a vacation, it was nice to see my family, including my 85-year-old Nana, and to celebrate some birthdays. It was a short cruise, only stopping in Nassua in the Bahamas for a day, but that was plenty. Butch and I did our best to find authentic culture hidden among the tourist-trappings, but it was few and far between. Tourism is the main source of revenue for the island, and the locals really play up to the cruise-ship crowd, even staging a Junkanoo-style “parade” blocking the way once passengers disembarked. We did manage to travel off the beaten path to eat some delicious fish, spend a little time on the beach with my cousins (while the “retirees” went on a driven tour of the city) and visit the lovely Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center (photos coming later this week!). And the never-ending buffet and random entertainment on the ship itself made for some memorable moments:

Returning to Florida, we hung out with family a bit more before getting back on a plane to snowy upstate NY. Check out my cousin’s blog to read more about the before, during and aftermath of the cruise…assuming he updates it!

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