Spring Has Sprung: Upcoming TILTreks with the Thousand Islands Land Trust

Well, the 2013 TILTreks season is officially underway…which means things are heating up for me at work, but in a good way. Organizing the Treks is my favorite part of the job (especially the KidsTreks) and great opportunities for residents, and visitors to the Thousand Islands to experience the natural (preserved) beauty of the area!

Earlier this month, we had our first Volunteer Open House and our annual “Signs of Spring” hike on the Macsherry Trail in the Crooked Creek Preserve. The Volunteer Open House went so-so (maybe people in the area aren’t overly interested in volunteering for their community or, more specifically, for TILT? Or maybe it was just bad timing?) but next year we’ll attempt it again, during the busy summer season, to see if we get a better response. The “Signs of Spring” hike went great, as always, thanks to the fascinating knowledge of Adirondack-based naturalist Peter O’Shea and my coworker, ex-forester Don Brown. Honestly, if you ever need to survive in the woods, Don is the man to be with – he literally digs edible plants/roots out of the ground right before your eyes! It’s like a survivalist magic-show.

TILT has a few more Treks and appearances in the next month:


Our “For the Trees” Arbor Day event already has a TON of interest, and plenty of tree-planting volunteers signed up. I’m hoping that the community stops by, even if not to plant trees – there will be a bunch of kid’s activities – and the local library will be showing The Lorax in conjunction with TILT’s event. Should be a good time!

Other upcoming events include TILT’s annual Derby Hill Raptor Migration on April 20th (a must-see for birders) and guest appearances at two local Earth Day events: At the NY State Zoo on April 20th and the Mustard Seed on May 4th. Next month we’ll be partnering with NYS Parks for an I Love My Park Day, and hosting a Trail Maintenance Day on the Macsherry Trail and Ecology/Invasives Trek on the Grindstone Island Nature Trail. And it’s not even the busy season yet!

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