Good Things

Not the greatest week on a larger scale (to say the least)…but to keep myself grounded, I made sure to notice the little things that have made me happy.

IMG_0477 IMG_0479
Spring bulbs are really poppin’! The first daffodils and the first hyacinth opened at the Five Birch Perch. I can’t think of a better scent than a hyacinth…can’t wait to have one freshly cut on my table!

On the advice of a friend, checked out a local store called Classy Kids, which is essentially a nicely done Goodwill-style setup of baby, kid and maternity clothing and items. I found some perfect maternity shorts for the summer and couldn’t resist picking up a few super cheap gender-neutral onesies (like the one above). I can’t wait to find out what we’re having (ultrasound on May 14th!) so that I can go back to Classy Kids and grab some more cute things. This haul was on TOP of the great maternity clothes I acquired through a local clothing swap and from a close friend who had her baby back in January. This friend also handed off a top o’ the line stroller/car seat that is currently in the nursery and helping me feel like I’m finally starting to amass some must-haves. Next up is a diaper cover-making party and a trip to Ikea – things be happnin’!

Since I don’t know the gender yet, I’ve been focusing a lot of my energy on nursery decoration. I’m doing a woodsy/scouts theme in light colors, which will work for either. I tasked my mom with trying to dig up my old girl scouts badges from the 80’s, but no luck. Then I realized “hey, I’m a crafty chica – why don’t I just MAKE some badges?” So out came the drawing pad and the embroidery supplies and I got to work:

IMG_0467 IMG_0475
I’m doing 2 sets of 5 badges on each piece of fabric, which I will then frame with some cheapo wooden frames I already have. I will post pix once I’m done, along with the zig-zag baby afghan I already crocheted (but have yet to take a photo of)! As with any decoration project, I’ve found that many of the elements I need are already in the house – there is very little that will have to be purchased.

At the clothing swap, a couple of friends got me excited about my baby shower by suggesting that it could be Halloween-themed! This might sound odd to some, but I love love love that holiday, and specifically wanted an October baby so that many years of H’weeny birthday parties could be had. With the baby coming this year, I won’t be throwing my annual party, so the thought of H’ween in September sounds just spooktacular! And another friend telling me that I personally won’t have to worry about throwing the shower took a bit of a weight off my shoulders. A major part of my job during the summer is planning treks and events (this season = 30 treks and 4 events), so the last thing I want to do is organize yet another event, especially around the time that I’ll be uber-preggers and “just not in the mood.” With the very small amount of help that I got planning my wedding (which is exactly why a bridal shower and bachelorette party never occurred – I just couldn’t fathom taking on those things as well), I was very much in the mindset that if I didn’t plan the shower myself, it probably wouldn’t happen. It’s nice to know that there is some interest in helping with that!

So a few good things on the homefront…with many more to come!

6 responses to “Good Things

  1. I love the nursery theme and the awesome embroidered badges that you’re making!! That is SO CUTE! I’ve heard of a place for second hand baby stuff and maternity clothes up in Springfield that I’d like to check out soon. I won’t be finding out the gender until the baby makes it’s first appearance on dry land, so gender neutral is the way to go. 🙂 I’m trying to think of a use I would have for homemade badges… haha I love em!

    • Thanks! Feel free to stitch up some of your own badges – I could totally see you doing all gardening themed ones! And since I’m putting the nursery in my crafty room, I’m planning on having on keeping all the decor up long after the baby graduates to its own room.

      And let me know how the second hand stores are near you – I’m tellin’ ya – I was impressed with the one I went to!

  2. I think a Halloween baby shower is perfect for you! I would love to help in any way I can if you would like. Great nursery ideas too! And yes – getting baby gear is hugely satisfying. It removes a lot of stress, and it’s amazing how generous people are!

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