All Things Bright: 9 Little Chicks at the Five Birch Perch

[Was going to post this last week, but it didn’t seem appropriate. But now I’ve added even more recent photos of the chicks – with feathers coming in!]

A couple of weeks ago we welcomed our 9 new chicks to the Five Birch Perch! We ordered 3 each of Buff Orpington, Barred Plymouth Rocks and Golden Laced Wyandottes from Meyer Hatchery out in Ohio. They are such cute little puff-balls, cheepin’ away (when they’re not sleeping). I attempted to take some photos of them and the setup that Butch built for them in the back room…but the heat-lamp club lighting, recent grey days and quickness of the chicks didn’t make for such great shots. Ho hum, I think you’ll get the picture:

The chicks will stay inside until about mid-May, when they’ll be moved out to the coop that Butch built (and I painted!) back in the September. Before they’re transplanted, there are a few finishing touches on the coop that will have to be completed: Butch will insulate the structure, install screen under the eaves to keep the bugs out, and build a large fenced-in, predator proof chicken run (mostly due to concern about our neighbors’ dogs, which are allowed to roam free)…oh, and I have to continue decorating the coop with a “picket fence” and flower box – very important stuff.

Oh, and Happy (belated) Earth Day!

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