Seed Bombin’


Tomorrow is TILT’s “For the Trees” Arbor Day Community Event at the Zenda Farm Preserve! One of the kids’ activities I’m going to be leading (besides making the ol’ peanut butter on the pine cone birdseed feeder) will be to make seed bombs. As this easy-to-follow wikiHow page states “Seed bombs (also known as seed balls) aren’t always the domain of guerilla gardeners – they’re actually a great way to propagate seeds, especially on a large-scale or in poor soils.”

I already have air-dry clay left over from a KidsTrek last year, will grab some compost from the pile at the Perch, and the rest of the ingredients are easy to pick up. Should be a fun, and MESSY, good time for the kids! Which reminds me….I need to make sure I have a wash-station ready… 😉

And on the note of seed bombs, here’s a brief history of seedbombing from GOOD(with mention of the lovely Liz Christy Community Garden, which I’ve had the privilege of visiting), and a new seed bomb bracelet (and biodegradable dress) from Brooklyn Industries, via Ecouterre.

Photo from wikiHow’s How to Make a Seed Bomb

8 responses to “Seed Bombin’

  1. Seed bombs are awesome. I recently made some with recycled newspaper. I’ve never used the clay and fertilizer method before so I’m excited to see it in action!

    • Since you were there, Grey, you know the kids went absolutely NUTS for this activity (along with our old favorite of the peanut butter and birdseed on the pinecone)…so in terms of getting kids involved it was a huge success.

      Just some notes for anyone who stumbles upon this post: We did end up using regular clay instead of air-dry clay (mostly because the air-dry clay I had was a little old and crumbly). I didn’t think to make one for myself to take home and try, so I’m interested to get feedback from anyone who did on whether it worked!

      • Yeah – I literally just blogged about it and how excited the kids were. I think it was a huge hit – with kids and adults alike!

        I wish I had remembered to make one for myself as well. My paper seed bombs are doing great, but I’d be interested to compare. Oh well. Next time!

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