Beddin’ Down

Butch and I have been a couple of busy worker bees at the Perch lately! So busy that I couldn’t fit it all in one post, so this is a part one of sorts.

The seedlings are doing well. Because of the freakishly warm weather lately, we’ve been “hardening off” some outside in the late afternoon. To be on the safe side, Butch has also direct-sown some duplicates in one of the raised beds in the garden.





On another, exciting note – the asparagus that we started last year has SHOT UP, literally overnight! Haven’t picked any yet…waiting to see what else comes up.


Back on the porch, there’s a bucket o’ trees left over from TILT’s wildly successful and popular (if I do say so myself) Arbor Day event. We’ve got a couple different spruces, sugar maple and lilac (which will be planted in a defensive row against the oncoming assault of pale swallow-wort – may the best sucker-plant win!).


My porch pots, along with my two wine barrel planters by the stone steps, are ready for herbs and annuals! And no, they are not currently serving as recycling bins…it’s called I’m too lazy/cheap to buy lava rocks, so I’m filling the bottom with Butch’s discarded beer cans (obviously, Budweiser is the beer of choice in our house…).



And now, onto my flower beds! It’s definitely earlier than usual for me to be worrying about such things (the rule of thumb around here is not to plant until Memorial Day), but it’s been so warm lately, and most importantly I have friends visiting next weekend (!), so I wanted to spruce the place up a little. I weeded like a maniac in the two beds next to the house (the well-established bed on the hill hardly had a weed in sight) and Butch poured fresh soil and mulch for me to spread. A whole lotta bulbs and perennials are coming up, but I can see where I need to fill  in some holes. I plan on adding mostly perennials, but also a few annuals for instant color. And I know, why spread mulch before I’m done digging…? We’re FINALLY getting some rain ’round these parts, so I wanted the existing plants to maintain as much moisture as possible.

It’s amazing how quickly things have changed in the flower beds already this season! The hyacinths are already done, with the daffodils and grape hyacinths on the way out. The tulips and iris are only just getting started, however. I’ll post more photos once my pots are done and my beds are full – stay tuned!

4 responses to “Beddin’ Down

  1. Your seedlings look promising, and your flower beds already look great. Isn’t it nice to see the perennials coming back? I had to get all my gardening done before my shoulder surgery last week so I worked like mad for two weeks. Now it’s been a pleasure to watch everything sprout up, so quickly, because of the warmth. Now with a little rain it’s going to go wild. This year I’ll just be able to enjoy all the hard work I’ve put in the last 10 years and see what the perennials can do on their own. It brings a smile to my face every time I walk past or look out my windows. Enjoy!

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