Big (Green) Deal: What Tree Said

I’ve blogged before about plant-communication, but recently came across this interesting article from National Geographic about the signals given off by trees:

Single tree on hillside, late afternoon.





3 responses to “Big (Green) Deal: What Tree Said

  1. I’ve been a little obsessed this year with plant communication — but not obsessed enough. Meaning, I am fascinated by this topic, but i’m afraid to read too much about it for fear I will no longer have anything left to eat. (ie. what do plants feel when we pull fruit and veggies off of them). I do thank my herbs before I cut them for use in tea and cooking.

    • It is a fascinating topic! I totally understand your hesitation to know *too much*….But it seems that you are well aware of the fact that you’re taking something away in order to feed yourself – and that awareness goes a long way, for both vegetarians and meat eaters!

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