A Weekend with Old Friends

…I don’t mean “old-old”….but a couple of my Brooklyn girls drove the 6 hours up to visit me this past weekend (and another one joined us for a night up from Ithaca). Despite getting in during the early morning hours on Friday, the girls humored me by getting up on day 1 for a morning boat-ride to Grindstone Island on the St. Lawrence River, where one of our trustees piled us onto a “mule” to tour the natural beauty and TILT preserves on the island. The tour was a huge hit and we got back to shore in time for a late lunch at local bistro Bella’s. Then it was nap time back at the house until our Ithaca friend joined us for dinner and the new Star Trek movie at the drive-in!

For day 2 we slept in a little before doing a little thrift store shopping, Vietnamese food eating, and winery tastings (not me, obviously) before heading back to the house again. We were going to go out for karaoke after dinner, but decided we were all too tired and played Cards Against Humanity at home instead.  Day 3 we traveled up to Kingston, Ontario to hit up my favorite Sunday flea market and enjoy some yummy Frenchy food at Chez Piggy. Once we got back to the house it was goodbye, since the girls had a long drive back to BK.

It was SUCH a nice visit, and exactly the type of good company that I needed right now. As with most of my city friends, these girls don’t have kids and aren’t pregnant, so it was nice to talk about things unrelated to babies and pregnancy. Of course, they are super pumped for me and Butch and our incoming little BOY (yes, we found out this week!), but to be able to play the part of hostess and tour guide and just have fun was just great.  And it was especially nice to ignore Facebook for an entire weekend, since various things about it have been annoying me lately (some justified, some not). Even though the visit took a lot out of me energy-wise, I feel re-energized in general. Thanks for visiting, ladies!

One response to “A Weekend with Old Friends

  1. I had a rejuvenating weekend with girlfriends too. There’s just something about girl power…………

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