Green(ish) Baby: Woodland/Scouting/Moonrise Kingdom Nursery, in Progress

Went on a “family trip” with my friend Nina and her kids to IKEA this past weekend! It was quite an undertaking because the closest Ikea is in Ottawa (about an hour and 45 min away), Nina has a (very well-behaved, but still needing attention/pit stops) baby, and we both had serious shopping lists (as well as serious cravings for Swedish meatballs). The main item I needed was an Expedit shelf, but I also had my eye on a certain nursery rug (and knew I would be grabbing other knick-knacks while there). Nina needed a bunk bed, bookcase and various knick-knacks…so it was a bit of a squeeze fitting everything in my Forester, but we did it!

Once I got home I went straight to bed, but the next day Butch set up the Expedit for me. I then got to work taking down the old, rickety bookshelves in the crafty room/nursery, and transferring the contents (after a good clean/purge) to the Expedit. I took the opportunity to deep clean in general, and arrange/hang the decorations I’ve been working on. So without further ado, the nursery of Sweet Baby James (aka Baby Boo), in progress:


Some overall shots of the room, with a couple of my decor projects: The bandanna bunting and the woodsy wall of scout patches. The desk that will be made suitable for use as a changing table is currently “in the shop” getting sturdier legs and a new paint job. Please ignore the piles of baby gear and unrelated/ongoing crafty projects…


The rug really ties the room together.


We’ve been offered a rocker, but for now, my yard-sale chair will do just fine. I still need to re-cover it in the funky fabric I bought, but wanted to share the owl pillows that I embroidered and crocheted, respectively, and the mini chevron afghan I crocheted a few months ago.


I already showed off the frame Butchy made for my owl coloring page, but I also just had to frame this wee tee-shirt from a local ice cream parlor.


This tiny chair was a recent (and cheap) flea market find! The seller told me that these were popular in the ’70s, and that originally it probably had a cane seat. I’m just fine with the macrame, especially because it’s in such good shape. The vintage Curious George was mine when I was a kid.


The bunting was made simply by cutting old bandannas in half that I already and knotting the ends together. The Cub Scout bandanna was already “halved” and made the perfect centerpiece. My mom recently sent me some of her old Girl Scout leader badges (my badges have unfortunately gone missing), so I attached the ones that weren’t too “girlie” to the center bandanna. Right now they’re just pinned since I’m not sure exactly how I want to place them. I also may add some embroidery to each bandanna….maybe from Sublime Stitching’s Camp Out pattern (which I already own, so why not?).

DSCN8566    DSCN8551

Which brings us to the changing table (aka craft table) area. I took down the random knick-knacks and decorations (and most importantly, the random tacks), and taped up some fun, naturey paper that I impulse-bought from Michael’s a while ago.


My friend Ashley gave me some adorable mixing bowls as a thank-you for co-hosting her baby shower – and they are much too nice for cooking…much better suited to hold baby stuff. The globe piggy bank and “Wolf Cub’s Handbook” were more cheapo flea market finds and the artwork is the 31st birthday shrine that I made earlier this year (and look – the figure happens to be holding a baby boy!).



Here are close-ups of the faux scout badges that I embroidered. Since I didn’t want to buy old patches, I just went on Pinterest and Etsy for inspiration and then drew my own! These were a lot of fun to make, and I already had the frames, fabric and embroidery supplies.

And now, for the main event:



I am SO pleased with the Expedit! Don’t know why it took me so long to get one…But anyway, it’s perfect for holding all my crafty supplies, art/craft/design/gardening/wildlife books as well as bins of baby stuff!


The baby-stash is small right now…but I’ve been working on a registry and “village-wide yard sale season” has commenced (not to mention, my mom, Queen of Yard Sales, has been steadily cleaning out every sale in the state of Maine that has baby/baby boy items).

So far I’m pleased with how the nursery is coming together. Butch will be building the crib (based on these free plans at the Design Confidential) and I’ve got a few more crafty projects up my sleeve. It’s funny….I already had the Woodland/Scouting/Moonrise Kingdom theme picked out before we knew whether we were having a baby “boo” or a baby “ghoul”… but now that it’s settled, I feel that I actually must have subconsciously known on some level, since the projects I’ve been working on feel “right” for a boy! And as I’ve said before, using things you already own (or can easily make without having to buy too many/expensive supplies) is truly the way to go.

9 responses to “Green(ish) Baby: Woodland/Scouting/Moonrise Kingdom Nursery, in Progress

  1. All you’ve done is great. I especially like the paper and embroidery wall! This baby is going to be a very lucky little boy. I clicked on the link to the crib directions and I’m sure Butch will do a great job on that. Be sure to tell him to scroll down and read all the comments left by others who followed these directions, as there were some typos and concerns about federal guidelines. Safety guidelines are always changing. I don’t know how my generation made it out of childhood alive!

    • Good point! I will make sure he reads all the comments, although I think he was planning some modifications anyway. First things first – he needs to fix the STAIRS! 🙂

  2. That is so exciting!! I love the nursery! 🙂 How fun… Not sure if we’ll be setting up a nursery for our little bundle and not even certain where we will be living, but these photos just make me want to decorate.

    • It is fun to have an excuse to redecorate (and clean/purge). It’s funny…I’m doing all this nursery decorating, when I know I’ll be setting the crib up next to our bed to start (for co-sleeping), and the nursery will be doubling as my crafty-area…so, really just more of an excuse to buy myself the Expedit shelves – haha!

      • Decorating is just so much fun and you are right that it is so cleansing to move stuff around, get ride of old, and make room for a more useful space! I currently live in one bedroom of my parents apartment, but I’ve recently moved a lot of my business stuff into the office and closets so it’s starting to feel a lot nicer.

  3. I love it! You guys are doing a great job. The rug really does tie it all together and your bunting is adorable! I’ve been picking out fabric for my own bunting. I have a bunch already made for vending but none of them strike me as just right… Your use of bandanas is so clever for the scouting theme! Heehee! I can’t wait for Baby Bee to meet Baby Boo!

    • Thanks, Grey! Yes, it will be fun for the babies to meet. And for your bunting – do you have any fabric left over from making soakers? That would be kinda cute to use the same fabric…

      • I’ve already packed a lot of my fabric away, but I went through scraps today (sorting and tossing…) and found some perfect pieces! I really want one of the flags to feature a bee. I decided to revisit applique for that. And gosh the soakers… Those and the diapers are currently waiting in a bag. I’m hoping to get to them soon! I have read that it’s good to have some projects lined up as you get close to labor so those will probably be it!

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