Bloom Update and Babymoon

Expressing gratitude, once again, for all the bulbs and perennials that either came with the house, or were given to me – the Perch is ALIVE with color, and it’s different every day! I’ve never been one to get too worked up over a few weeds, and this year especially I’ve been just letting the flower beds “do their thing” and come what may (let’s blame it on pregnancy-induced laziness), but they still look beautiful!

On another note, Butch and I are headed to “gorges” Ithaca for a couple of days for a last hurrah/babymoon of sorts, and to see a few friends. It will be nice to disconnect and go exploring, just the two of us…before baby makes three. Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

One response to “Bloom Update and Babymoon

  1. I’m a bit envious of your lovely flowers! Pregnancy laziness struck me when it was time to get seeds and seedlings ready so my garden is not as robust as previous years… Thanks for posting photos of your flowers so that I can live vicariously through them!

    Enjoy your trip! You definitely deserve it.

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