TILTKids Camp a Success!

After months of planning (and millions of other work-related responsibilities getting in the way), my TILTKids Camp debuted this past weekend at Zenda Farm Preserve! Despite a few non-catastrophic hitches (including an ill-timed rainstorm on the second day), it was a huge success – and it was obvious that the kids (and parents/grandparents), had a blast! Not to mention, it was extremely cute to see a few kids put on their TILTKids tee shirts right away on the first day, and almost ALL of them showed up wearing them the second day…

Although my regularly-scheduled KidsTreks are also in full-swing, the Camp was my real “baby” of the summer, as it was part of the larger TILTKids program that I developed, which included a new level of membership, complete with educational newsletter, website, tee shirts and access to camp. I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t take off – why pay for a camp when our regular KidsTreks are free? But a couple dozen families, both local and non, saw the value in what I was doing, and the feedback has been incredible!

I feel incredibly validated and am looking forward to where this program goes in the future…

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