Spotlight On: Custom New Baby Jewelry

While visiting family for Thanksgivukkah, a good friend stopped by and gave me a lovely, custom “J” bangle in honor of baby James:


It’s made by Alex and Ani “with [+] Energy,” and it was just the sweetest gift to receive – not something I would ever buy for myself, but I love it and will treasure it forever…and think of my son whenever I look at it.

If you’re thinking of buying something similar, but a bit more handmade, then check out my friend Ashley’s custom jewelry and accessories at Lucie’s Boutique. I had a necklace made for my SIL last year and she adores it.

One response to “Spotlight On: Custom New Baby Jewelry

  1. I have to second the recommendation for Lucie’s Boutique! I have a mother necklace from her and it’s just beautiful. We also commissioned a special necklace for my mother this year containing birthstones of her daughters and granddaughters. Ashley made it very quickly and it’s just stunning!

    What a great gift, C! Beautiful!

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