Rated G(reen): Herbal Aide Documentary

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My friend, and herbalist-in-training, Denise shared this film, Herbal Aide – check it out:

Director: Kimberly Andrade | Producer: Mary Blue
Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2012 | Story Teller’s Country: United States

Synopsis: The Herbal Aide documentary features herbalists who are using their passion for plants as a tool to support their communities. The film features many well known herbal activists doing non-profit work, disaster relief, community clinics and more. Herbal Aide is a non-profit based organization founded to document, inspire and fund grassroots herbal projects/businesses that are working towards creating positive, sustainable social change.

The Herbal Aide documentary features herbalists who are using their passion for plants as a tool to support their community in health and healing and is being shown at herb conferences and schools in 2012/2013.

Filming began November 2010 and was finished in the Spring 2012. The film has been screened across the country at herb conferences, schools, and community centers. 

The film has been shown at:
The Womens Herbal Conference 2012
American Herbalist Guild Conference 2012
Midwest Womens Herbal Conference 2012
Spreading the Health Conference 2012
Herb Stalk, 2012

Proceeds from film sales go to the Herbal Aide Grant Fund. This fund will award grant recipients $1000-$5000.

Activities that will be supported by The Herbal Aide Grant Fund are: Free Herbal Clinics, Herbal Disaster Relief and Herbal Health Center Funding.

Music in the movie is by Dark Dark Dark.

Request DVD: You may purchase the DVD of this film directly from this StoryTeller/Producer. Please visit.

Have a great holiday, everyone! Enjoy your time with family!

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