Green 101: Free Webinars – Transition Conversations from Gaia U


Via Gaia University:

Gaia Radio in Partnership with Transition Network presents Transition Conversations: a Series of Free Webinars:

1. Getting Ready to Fundraise -resourcing your  group or projects: in partnership with the REconomy project Tuesday February 11th 19.00 – 20.30 GMT 14.00-15.30 EST What are some of your initial steps to make sure your group or project can find the funding it needs? How would you go about fundraising and how can you make sure your fundraising has the greatest chance of success? With Nicola Hillary Fundraising Coordinator for Transition Network and Tina Clarke of Transition US.Tina Clarke

Tina Clarke is a Certified Transition Trainer in the U.S. She has helped over 200 Transition and resilience initiatives in North America, and given 45 official Transition Network weekend courses. Since 1993 she has provided consulting to over 400 organizations, assisting them in fundraising, strategic planning, program development, public education, coalition building, and advocacy training on environmental and other social change issues.

Nicola Hillary

Nicola Hillary has been a fundraiser for environmental and community charities since 1999, taking BioRegional Development Group from a small charity to a £1million turnover, helping prevent Stroud Valley’s Project from closing, and later expanding their staff team. She is currently the Funding Manager for Transition Network.    Register for free now>

2. Creating an Effective and Engaged Team;  Tuesday February 18th 19.00 – 20.30 GMT 14.00-15.30 EST
What are some of the key reasons why some teams are highly functional and just great fun to be in and others are de-motivating and a drag on everyone’s energy? How can we make sure our groups and teams have the best chance of success? With Nick Osborne

Nick Osborne

Over the last 15 years, Nick has worked in a variety of management, leadership, training, consultancy or activist roles with a range of organisations including Changemakers, Shell, Amnesty International and the Ecovillage Network.  Nick has a BSc in Social Philosophy and MSc in Management Development and Social Responsibility. He now works freelance as a Trainer & Consultant, as a founder of Response-Ability, working to help people enhance their ability to respond creatively and flexibly to today’s challenging change and complexity.   Register for free now>

3. Building Personal Resilience – How to Sustain Momentum; Tuesday February 25th 19.00- 20.30 GMT, 14.00-15.30 EST
In these changing times we are constantly challenged to maintain our ability to act and remain healthy. What are some of the most important ways to maintain your personal resilience and how can we build those into our lives and our projects? With Sophy Banks

Sophy Banks

 Sophy jointly set up the first “Heart and Soul” group in Totnes in 2006. She co-founded Transition Training and has delivered Launch and other workshops to transition projects around the world and is currently coordinating work on Inner Transition for Transition Network. A trainer for over 20 years she has worked as an engineer, information systems consultant and psychotherapist and has considerable experience of voluntary sector and community projects.  Sophy has a particular interest in systemic approaches to all things, and especially looking across disciplines to seeing a broad and inclusive view. Register for free now>

4. How does Change Happen? What is the Transition model of change?  Tuesday March 4th, 19.00- 20.30 GMT, 14.00-15.30 EST Can Transition change the world? If so what are its potential, possibilities and limitations? What can we learn from other programmes of social change and how can we can apply that learning  make sure the change we are making is effective and positive? With Dr Tom Henfrey

Tom Henfrey

Tom is a founder of the Transition Research network.  Following doctoral research on indigenous forest management in Amazonia, he helped found an ecovillage in Spain while working in solar power installation and cross-media production, before returning to academia to teach anthropology at Durham University in 2008. At Durham, he was Theme Leader in Energy and Environment in the North East Beacon for Public Engagement, setting up a Research Programme for Resilient Low Carbon Communities in the Durham Energy Institute, and worked closely with the Centre for Social Justice and Community Action. He currently is a member of the Permaculture Association’s Research Advisory Board (and apprentice in applied permaculture design), and is a research fellow at the Schumacher Institute.  Register for free now>

To register for free for all or just one of the webinars Click here. You will receive a pin number and be assigned a telephone number. For more information visit the Transition website here

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