Good (Wintery) Day Sunshine

We had some family visiting last weekend, which not only gave Butch and I a few hours alone to go out for a lunch date (!), but gave me the chance to take advantage of the “heat wave” and go for a little walk. I couldn’t visit my lovely woods since the seasonal road is snowed in up to my knees and I don’t have snowshoes…But I wandered around outside anyway, and took a few photos, of course:

Even with all the snow, it felt like spring was in the air!

2 responses to “Good (Wintery) Day Sunshine

  1. Yes, Mother Nature teases us every now and then. I was out at sunrise yesterday, and I wish I’d had my camera. The trees were laden with wet snow, and with the sun rising, the tops of the trees were a beautiful glistening pink. A rare moment.

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