Adventures in Natureland: Green Cay Wetlands and Butterfly World

The first part of our recent Florida trip consisted of hobnobbing on the west coast for my job, but the second half was  spent on the east coast with my family. While there, we took James to Boynton Beach to check out the Green Cay Wetlands, which is part of the Palm Beach County Parks & Rec:

The Nature Center was closed by the time we got there, but the 1.5 mile walk around the boardwalk was lovely – it was hot, but there was a perfect breeze (plus enough shady areas to cool off in), and James loved the bumpy ride on the boardwalk!

We also visited Butterfly World, in Coconut Creek, which is one of my childhood favorites (and more thoroughly documented on my original blog during a 2009 visit):

James seemed to really enjoy Florida – looking at all the beautiful flowers and trees…not the mention, the green grass, which I’m sure he doesn’t realize even exists under all our snow up north! I don’t think the heat agreed with him (he’s kind of a big sweaty little guy), although it meant he got to wear less clothing and NO SOCKS! He even tried his first sip of water, from the tiny cap of my water bottle, which was thrilling! And of course, Bubbe & Papa (my parents), Nana (my grandmother) and my uncle and cousins all LOVED seeing/meeting him. A great trip and a much-welcome break from the seemingly never-ending winter we’ve been having – hopefully spring is finally on its way!

One response to “Adventures in Natureland: Green Cay Wetlands and Butterfly World

  1. We loved spending family time with you. James is so much fun and did seem to enjoy the nature all around him. He’s now primed for Spring up north!

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