Green(ish) Baby: The (Questionable) Science of Sleep

IMG_1953Fast asleep

Before I rant, I’m acknowledging the fact that being a new parent = a major lack of sleep. I get it. It’s the tease of sleep that I can’t abide. The Big Bun turns a corner, and suddenly I’m getting a 6-hour stretch out of him, followed by a 3 1/2 hour one and a couple 2’s, and I’m back to feeling functional during the day…back to feeling RESTED. Then another corner is turned and we’re back on “newborn sleep” of 2-hours-at-a-time, at best!

We went through a down-turn just like this in the two weeks before a major business trip to Florida that Butch and the Bun were joining me on (so we could spend some extra time together visiting family in the sunshine state). So we were set to fly at the crack of well before dawn, with my coworkers and boss, to then immediately attend a dinner with our entire board of trustees. To say I was nervous about how James would travel, and deal with the disruptions to his schedule, would be a major understatement. Miraculously, whatever growth-spurt/Wonder Week developmental phase Baby Boo was dealing with resolved a couple days before the trip and he flew like a champ (including being changed on the napkin-sized changing tables in the plane bathrooms) and socialized like a dream. Even being forced to fall asleep in random back-rooms during work-related social gatherings, and then be rudely awakened and transported back to our motel, night after night, didn’t phase the Bun none!

Once we got home, James seemed to settle back into his old routine, more or less…until he suddenly didn’t again.

IMG_1955Literally 5 seconds later… 

And now there seems to be some momma’s-boy-clingy-monkey-separation-anxiety mixed in with the latest growth-spurt/Wonder Week developmental phase (plus maybe some teething thrown into the mix…) that’s messing with his sleep yet again – just in time for James to start daycare with a bunch of relative strangers in a week’s time! Yay!

I’ve done more middle-of-the-night iPhone research than I care to admit about what is “normal” baby sleep, as well as how to possibly get more sleep myself. And I’ve event delved into the idea of tackling the night sleeping problems via solving nap-time issues. But I know what I really need to do is just accept, accept, accept. This is just how things are, and will be for possibly a very long time. And I know I’ll miss all the night-cuddles that come along with feedings once he’s older. But man, it’s hard to think that way when I face the workday with a head full of sleepy mush.

Although…I’ve yet to research how a glass of wine here and there may help me with the situation… 😉

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