A Well-(Baby)-Oiled Machine


James has been at daycare for about a month at this point – a milestone that I (mistakenly) thought would make the oh-so-carefully-structured style of my life go haywire. Instead, things have become more streamlined than ever before! Since I’ve come across “example working-mom schedules” online, I would thought I would post mine as well, to the minute detail! My schedule is (weirdly) unique in that I will also mention Butch’s role, as his contributions are extremely vital to the well-oiled machine that is our family life.

6am: James WAKES UP (spread out star-fish-style next to me in bed as I crunch my adult body next to him in an attempt to not fall off the bed). I go downstairs for coffee and say goodbye to Butch, who has to be at work by 7am (ouch!).

6:30am: James plays with toys on the bed (safely ensconced by pillows, of course) while I get ready for work and periodically do a song-and-dance routine for him.

7am: We go downstairs where James “works out” (jumps like a maniac in his jumperoo) while I eat breakfast, make lunch and load up the car (and continue my song-and-dance routine).

7:30am: James gets changed and dressed for “school” and we’re off! He takes a mini nap in the car, usually falling asleep .2 seconds before we arrive at daycare.

8am: I arrive at work (half an hour EARLIER than before James started daycare!).

<<During business hours, I pump no less than 4 times, all while producing the same amount of high caliber work as I did pre-baby – LIKE A BOSS!!!>>

5-5:15pm: I pick James up at daycare, leaving behind the milk I pumped that day. He again falls asleep .2 seconds before we get home.

5:30pm: We pull into the driveway. Butch comes out to help carry James so I can bring in the baby laundry, my purse, breast-pump bag, etc. He feeds James solid food for dinner (stay tuned for “adventures-in-solid-food”) while I get changed and start the laundry.

6pm: James’ bedtime routine begins. It starts with a bath from Butch (every other night), then I change him, read a fun bedtime story and cuddle/feed him in our bed until he falls asleep, while Butch makes dinner (I know…I’m a VERY lucky ducky). I put James down in his crib and go downstairs to eat.

7:30pm: I take my shower while Butch washes dishes. We hang out and watch Netflix (lately: Parks and Rec, the ENTIRE series) while I fold laundry or blog.

9/9:30pm: I go to bed, either on my own or when the Bun starts to fuss. I move James to my bed with me and we wake up a few time in the night to cuddle and feed (bed-sharing is the BEST – even with disrupted sleep, you feel mostly rested!)

6am: Start it all over again!

On the weekends, our wake-up time is still (unfortunately) fairly early, although we occasionally sleep in (7:30am? Woot!). James either naps for 1/1.5 hours twice a day or 45 minutes 3 times a day, and eats every few hours or so….or NOT….he definitely keeps me on my toes.

Interestingly enough, I think my new schedule has not only made me more efficient, but has helped me feel more confident as a mom and an individual. Last weekend, I took James to a Mama & Baby Expo to meet a friend, wrangling him all by myself while Butch stayed home. I decided to take this upcoming Friday off because I’ll be working Saturday and DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT IT AT ALL, even though I am (gasp!) choosing family over working 50+ hours a week (how unAmerican of me…). Luckily, I feel fully supported – at least by everyone who has a clue about what having a new baby (or a family in general…or quality of life…) actually means!

But even with all the chaos, lack of sleep and occasional hilariously clueless comments from the obliviously childless, I just LOVE spending time with Baby Boo. He is such a hilarious little guy and I wouldn’t change a thing – our little family…and my entire life, has never felt so complete!

“Like a Boss” image via The Internet



4 responses to “A Well-(Baby)-Oiled Machine

  1. I don’t know how you get Boo to sleep so early! Bee hates the crib and wakes up the moment I disturb her. As a result, she usually sleeps in my arms while we watch stuff. Then she wakes up while we get ready for bed. Some nights are harder than others… But it works for now.

    • I used to put James down around 6pm, assuming it was more of a “last nap” before his *actual* bedtime of 8pm. It wasn’t until a little after Christmas that I started to realize that James seemed to be leaning towards staying asleep longer at that time, making it more of a bedtime and less of a nap. Seriously “baby-led” bedtime! …Not that he still doesn’t wake up multiple times a night, but at least bedtime has seemed to stay early.

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