Reposting & Comments Policies


Reposting: All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise noted (I use a Nikon P80, when I’m not using my iPhone, for anyone who’s curious). If you want to use my photos, feel free – but please link back to me! When it comes to reposting my content, even if I reposted it from a different source, have the respect to link back to me as well. A lot of time, effort and creativity goes into curating a blog, and it’s always nice to be recognized as the initial source of information. If a blogger simply lurks on others’ blogs with the sole purpose of essentially skimming content to repost on their own blogs as if they discovered it themselves, it reeks of disingenuity, plagiarism…and non-creativity. I understand that the world of blogging includes finding inspiration in others work, but my advice is – if you’re going to be a true patron of the arts, give credit where credit’s due!

Comments: While I welcome comments, suggestions and even constructive criticisms, I enforce a strict comments policy. Anonymous internet trolls, and any comments that promote hate or extreme prejudice, will be met with zero tolerance. Also, please do not comment for the sole purpose of promoting your own blog/website/product/etc (Same goes for Likes, below).

Likes: I love likes! But if you’re just a blog that sells skincare products made in China, or have absolutely no interest in my blog besides promoting your own deal, give me a break. I went to school for advertising…I know ALL about the not-so-subtle art of self-promotion!

For more clarification of what NOT to do, see the hilarious How to Be a Bloghole over at the Official How To Blog

Other than that, I’m looking forward to creating a sense of community here, and welcome anyone who wants to join me!

Image from Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

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