Green Thumb: Pre-Opening Weekend at the Perch

Last Saturday morning,I met with local scout troops to plant the “Kids Korner” at the Zenda Community Garden. And since I was already dirty, I thought I would fuss around in my own garden once I got home. After wrangling the stroller onto the lawn, I set to work cleaning up my disastrous flower beds – (being in my third trimester last summer did not translate into much weeding) – and I made some good progress:








Please ignore the weeds encroaching over the sides of the beds…And I still have to mulch and build up the stone wall of the corner section…but thank goodness for perennials!

The birdbath suffered a mighty blow from falling ice, but I love it as my new planter! I also hung a petunias some friends gave us and potted up some extra marigolds, pansies and basil on the porch:




Next up is to attack the back bed (barely any of my bulbs popped this year – what gives?) and fill my wine-barrel planters (color scheming…). But spring/summer is in the air – the apple blossoms are out and “buzzing” with activity:



I should be able to get more done this weekend…around yardsale-ing, of course. And veggie garden updates coming soon…Happy planting!

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