The 10 Categories of Yard-sale Success – Mommy Edition

My parents were visiting this past weekend, and since my mom is the “yard-sale queen,” I knew she’d be game for hitting up the last of the local village-wide sales with me (along with my dad, and James, who is quite a little yard-saler-in-training!).

Of course, she also arrived in the first place with bags of finds from ‘saling in Maine (after claiming “she hadn’t done too well” – yeah right!).

So between what the two of us found, I give you “The 10 Categories of Yard-sale Success – Mommy Edition:”


1. Brand-name gold being sold for pennies by people who’ve never heard of eBay.


2. Off-season clothing that may not be the right size now (or when winter comes…) but the price can’t be beat.


3. “Theme” clothing/items that fit with the nursery and/or creative direction that you’re not-so-secretly steering your child towards (ie. HALLOWEEN).


4. Enough musical equipment to form an awesome Baby Einstein-esque boy band and skyrocket to stardom via viral YouTube videos,


5. That exact toy that you vividly recall playing with as a child.


6. Vintage items with ironic, hipster appeal.


7. Obviously hand-made items…or items with hand-made flair.


8. Utilitarian items you didn’t know you needed until you saw them and realized you did.


9. That coveted item that you never EVER find at a yard-sale, much less for $10.


10. And something nice for yourself (irises not included)!

5 responses to “The 10 Categories of Yard-sale Success – Mommy Edition

  1. I love how you really appreciate the finer things in life! Great pictures and right-on comments.

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