Green(ish) Life: A Few Good Things

Things have been a bit hectic lately…work, visitors, being the mama of an 8-month-old wild-thing who doesn’t sleep…So I’m taking a moment to simply reflect and post a few good things from recent days –

It’s summer and the River is lovely:


The Kids Korner garden is looking great (and my garden intern is thinking up new ways to get the community involved):


Our own veggie garden is flourishing (thanks to Butch’s new raised beds – pix coming soon…) and my flowers have popped, which gives me beautiful fresh cuts to display:


I even found a minute to get crafty, creating a wind-chime out of an embroidery hoop, some twine and cute little clay nature shapes made by a friend:


And then there’s this face that I love the most:


Sigh…looking forward to quieter days…but for now, this green(ish) gal is full speed ahead!

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